Seminar Topics

Dr. Chambers is happy to speak about a wide range of health topics. Below are commonly requested seminars, any of which can be tailored to suit your group's demographic and interests. Please contact Dr. Chambers to discuss other wellness seminar topic requests and ideas.


Beyond Coping: Learn to Overcome Stress

Beyond Coping: Learn to Overcome Stress
  • Understand how the body perceives stress
  • Looking at the cortisol/melatonin relationship
  • Lifestyle tricks to reduce stress
  • Achieving quality sleep
  • Nutrition for stress-reduction


Simple Solutions to Achieve Quality Sleep

  • Common sleep issues
  • Understanding the sleep cycle
  • Increasing sleep quantity
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Other sleep interventions


Healthy Nutrition for the Busy Professional

healthy bowl.jpeg
  • What's missing? Most common nutrient deficiencies & how to avoid them
  • On-the-go breakfasts
  • Packing healthy lunches
  • Energy-boosting snacks
  • Optimizing your nutrition

Natural Ways to Fight Cold and Flu

lemon tea.jpg
  • Understanding your immune system
  • Achieving quality sleep
  • Immune-boosting nutrition
  • Natural immune system enhancers
  • What if I still get sick?


Overcoming Stress in the Legal Profession*

  • The effects of stress on lawyers and paralegals
  • Stress during legal proceedings
  • Stress outside the workplace
  • *Accredited for CPD category credits by the Law Society of Upper Canada